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Unconventional Matchups Fill The Preseason Schedule

This past weekend featured one of two unique exhibition matches in the Collegiate Sprint Football League. As the season approaches and fall camps wind down, two teams in search of a tune-up game have ventured outside of their traditional schedule. Ironically, neither of the opposing teams weigh anywhere close to 178 pounds.

In sprint football, tradition and camaraderie play a large role in the survival of the sport. At Cornell, the sprint football team is entirely self-funded from player dues and alumni donations. The team has maintained its varsity status for as long as it has due to the incredibly loyal and dedicated alumni. Every year begins with a celebration of this community: The Alumni Game. Yes, you heard that correctly. An Alumni Game.

This past weekend, recent graduates and not-so-recent graduates alike, strapped up just like old times as they took on former teammates, future employees, and sons. Both teams came out of the gate a little slow as the final score was Cornell: 13, Cornell: 0.

Shocking to none, it was the 2018 Cornell Big Red that came out on top in this annual exhibition match.

Next weekend, Mansfield University will play the reigning Club Football National Champions, Sacred Heart University. Though Sacred Heart's team lacks varsity status, they will certainly be a tough test for a Mansfield team that was under .500 last year. It will be interesting to see how the size mismatch will affect Mansfield's run game. Having ranked second-to-last in rushing offense a year ago, the pioneer offensive line will certainly be put to the test against the Sacred Heart Pioneers.

SHU Celebrating their Club Football National Championship

Though these games are only a taste of what's to come, one can't help but be a little anxious for the real games to begin.



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