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Two Titan Takeaways 9/25

The minds that make up Titan Analytics are here to bring you the stats that matter. What goes beyond the box score? 

Fastest Man

Sprint Football is about speed. Who can cut the quickest in open space? Who can accelerate down the sideline with a chance to break a game open? Thanks to our engineering team, we can use Hudl’s game film to track any given player’s top speed on any given play. 

This week, there were deep balls down the sideline, return touchdowns, and breakaway runs that let the league’s fastest cut it loose with green grass in front of them. Titan Analytics’ first Fastest Man of the Week came from the inaugural game of Alderson Broaddus. Wide receiver and return man Tyler Smith came flying out of the gates.

Out of the slot, he ran a wheel route up the right sideline, outpacing the Cornell linebacker on his way to a 47-yard touchdown catch. On this play, he averaged a blazing 16.11 mph from the moment he started his route to the moment he crossed the goalline. His speed peaked at 19.296 mph. For context, Christian McCaffrey’s top speed through three weeks is 21.01 mph. Plainly, that's fast.

Seeing how sprint football’s fastest players line up with one of the NFL’s fastest backs part of what we at Titan Analytics bring you, the evolving fan.

Yards Per Attempt

Who’s chucking it deep? Who’s putting pressure on opposing secondaries? The CSFL has a wealth of quarterback and receiver talent. Thus, it's fun to watch them work, preferably down the field.

Titan Analytics found that the West Point Black Knights, owner of last 2018’s most prolific passing attack, are pacing the league in yards per attempt. With new quarterback Ryan Sullivan at the helm, West Point trotted out a much more balanced game plan than they had in previous years. Nonetheless, that didn't stop them from once again setting the standard for pushing the ball down the field.

Averaging 8.08 yards per attempt, Army is attacking the chains, sitting receivers on or running them at the first down marker. Second-highest YPA belongs to Kiel McKenzie of St. Thomas Aquinas who averaged 7.32 yards per attempt. As West Point looks to rebound from a crushing loss to Navy in the 2018 championship game, they’ll do so throwing the ball down the field. Their rivals averaged just 3.83 yards per attempt in week one.



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