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Navy Spoils Army's Perfect Season

The longest active win streak in the Collegiate Sprint Football League has been broken. A rematch of the Star game, this year's championship was a terrific example of why this is the best rivalry in Sprint Football. The Naval Academy played hungry football. Defensive backs hawked to every ball, contesting every catch with speed and force.

Every level of Army's defense is loaded with talent. However, Navy's gameplay revealed that it was the Black Knights' secondary that scared them the most. Attempting just 15 passes, Navy did not challenge Army in the air. Instead, they out-physicalled a very physical football team. A hard-nosed 29 rushes from quarterback Braydon Chmiel told the story of the Navy offense. With just 72 passing yards, he was still able to throw two touchdowns to bolster 183 rushing yards and one touchdown on the ground. another 18 ashes and 78 rushing yards from Caleb Champion shortened the game and kept Keegan West and the vaunted Army offense off the field.

When Army did get its offense on the field, it was suffocated. Held to just ten points, this ties their lowest point total since last year against Penn. Throwing the ball 60 times, Army and Navy were foils of each other. Yet, 60 attempts made for just 270 yards for an offense that's lived in the mid-300's all year. The major beneficiary of this gameplay was Clayton Carter, who caught seven passes for 116 yards.

On the defensive side of the ball, there were several standouts. James Scroggins capped off a phenomenal yer with 13 tackles. Nate Hagg, the leader of the Army secondary, recovered one fumble and intercepted one of the few passes thrown his way. Navy was able to best Army's offensive line three times, getting sacks from Troy Monroe, Gavin O'Donnell, and Sheppard Wilson. A true team effort, seven Midshipmen had at least four tackles. This was the way to close out a season.



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