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Introducing Our New Player Ranking System!

Still in beta, our newest project at Titan Analytics is using all available statistics to rank the best offensive and defensive players in the Collegiate Sprint Football League. Our goal is to produce unbiased and accurate rankings based on the statistics most crucial to one side of the ball.

How does it work? Every statistic kept throughout all of 2017 was used to create one giant data set, which in turn, was manipulated to produced a numeric rating representing the sum of points each player earned in each statistic. For example, every receiving touchdown is worth six points. However, if you play a position that is rarely given an opportunity to catch a touchdown, you're touchdown is weighted higher. This same kind of weighting is used for all of our statistics.

Once the weights are introduced to the raw data, we get a rating. In terms of overall production, two-way players are more likely to receive a high rating because they have more opportunities to gain points across two fields of statistics.

Keeping consistent with the game itself, mpact stats like touchdowns, interceptions, fumbles forced/recovered, and sacks are the most valuable to us here at Titan. As data begins to come in during the 2018 season, we will have a new ranking and continue to update our list.

Our 2017 Offense/Defense Combined Rankings:



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