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2017 Offensive Rankings

Based off of all available data for the 2017 season, our number cruncher has revealed the best quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers/tight ends in the league last year. In a league like the CSFL, players bounce between positions throughout the year. To compensate for this, players will be assigned to the position that they lined up in most frequently. As always, some people will feel accomplished, others offended, and some won't know what to feel.

1. Quarterbacks

Right out the gate, we have our first controversial results. In the cases of Mansfield and Cornell, there were two pairs of talented quarterbacks that split time. At Cornell, the odd man out was Brooks Panhans, as he found a lot of playing time at wide receiver, tight end, and running back even though his workday was largely spent under center. At Mansfield, Adam Hutchinson served as a receiving threat and his team's kicker in addition to taking most of his snaps at quarterback. Unsurprising, the league's two most electric offenses find their quarterbacks at the top of this list: Army and Penn.

2. Wide Receivers

At the wide receiver position, we have a pretty healthy spread amongst the league. Six of the league's nine teams are represented on our top ten. Perhaps the most impressive journey to this list was Caldwell's Jared Dockett. Playing in an option offense is certainly not ideal for any receiver. However, despite this schematic disadvantage, he finds himself among the league's best.

3. Running Backs

Three teams featured dynamic running back tandems on the 2017 top ten. The run-heavy offense of Caldwell fed their two wingbacks, Nasir Smith and Carl Watson, throughout their inaugural season. West Point and Penn met in last year's championship game where two offenses that lit up the scoreboard for the first seven games, struggled to combine for 17 points against two disciplined defenses.



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